With more than a dozen principals and a thriving network of partners, the knowledge team at Wilson360 provides experienced consulting, coaching, peer group facilitating, and professional advising to a broad section of CEOs of the largest businesses in the landscape, janitorial, plumbing, and service industries in North America.


At the heart of our organization lies a set of core values that guide our actions and shape our culture.

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Our adept team of professionals provides guidance on realizing value, optimizing profit streams, & reimagining service models to effectively tackle evolving trends & changing customer demands.

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Through close collaboration with clients, we enhance the efficacy and efficiency of your team. This not only fosters innovative solutions but also amplifies the speed & creativity that drives business performance.



Enduring growth is an imperative but hard for some companies to achieve. We help companies overcome obstacles to growth, differentiate in a crowded market, build well-functioning systems, and thrive.


We take immense pride in handpicking industry titans, respected and seasoned, who are passionately stepping forward to guide fellow business owners through their challenges, embodying the spirit of collective growth and mentorship.

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  • Shelia Matthews

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Bruce Wilson & Company (now Wilson360) has grown to become the go-to organization for landscape executives who aspire to the highest performance levels in all phases of business.

As one of the largest green industry consultancies in the US and Canada, with the greatest number of landscape companies recognized by Lawn & Landscape Magazine’s Top 100 list year after year, our methodologies and best practices work. Interested in Learning More?

We are also integrating seasoned consultants from diverse industries to amplify our expertise, ensuring a holistic approach that drives unparalleled value for our clients.

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Growing a business isn’t easy, but with help from our Strategic Partners, we show our members a better way forward. Our vetted Strategic Partner program offers Wilson360 members an elevated service experience. Meticulously chosen for their excellence, partners grant members potential savings and superior value on both services and products—a partnership built on trust and quality.

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