Robert Clinkenbeard, a native of Edinburgh, Scotland, holds a degree in Horticulture and Recreation Management. In Arizona, he co-founded Integrated Landscape Management (ILM), elevating it to a regional behemoth with revenues surpassing $20m and a team of over 350. The firm was acquired in 2016 by an industry-leading conglomerate. Currently, Robert serves as the CEO of Wilson360, a premier peer group and consulting organization.

Additionally, he is the voice behind The Commercial Landscaper Podcast, a Certified Scaling Up coach, and an author on the Ironman Mindset for Entrepreneurs. His investments encompass real estate, buying service companies, and innovative software firms worldwide. A champion of sustainability, Robert spearheads Radix Ten Percent, committing ten percent of profits to eco-friendly initiatives. He has rendered leadership at the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association and devoted years as a Senior Leader at the Entrepreneurs Organization.

Outside the boardroom, Robert’s passion translates to athleticism as an Ironman Triathlete and former semi-professional rugby and soccer player.

Robert and Faith Clinkenbeard reside in Campobello, South Carolina, balancing professional pursuits with a fulfilling family life.