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Online Webinar: The Branding Masterclass: Attracting Legions of Irrationally Loyal Fans to Your Brand with Deb Gabor

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Irrational Loyalty is the condition where customers are so bonded to your brand they’d think they were CHEATING on it were they to choose an alternative. Brands that enjoy this condition scale more rapidly and more profitably and spend less on marketing than brands that don’t. In fact, recent customer research conducted by Sol Marketing yielded the finding that brands that have irrationally loyal customers make, on average, about 40% more revenue than brands in their category that don’t.

In this fast-paced workshop, Bestselling Author and branding expert Deb Gabor shares the secrets to creating a powerful brand that bonds with your most important and highly predictive of success audiences. Participants will walk out with tangible, actionable tools to use on the job the very next day to up-level and bring relentless focus to association marketing to elevate member value and scale sales.

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